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Dave's column has run in multiple small town newspapers across the U.S., in Nebraska, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas,where Dave has been able to entice personal friends and editors to run his social commentary. His column has also been picked up by It has appeared in newspapers since 1998, and began in response to one of the school shootings so depressingly familiar in America. His commentary has morphed into a weekly offering of humor, insights and advice on how to find sanity in an insane world.

San Jose Rescinds Verified Response Policy

San Jose, CA released its verified response (VR) policy at the end of last year. While it’s better from our perspective that a city never adopt VR in the first place, it’s situations where a policy is implemented, then repealed, … Continue reading

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MacDowell Callout for MacGuard Nets $9,100

At the California Alarm Association meeting in San Francisco during December, a callout by Kirk MacDowell of MacGuard netted $9,100 in SIAC contributions. Kirk’s idea was to put forward a personal pledge of $1,500, as a 10 percent match up … Continue reading

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Alarm Management Committee in Utah?

SIAC hopes to see an Alarm Management Committee (AMC) in Utah. We approached the Utah Chiefs of Police Association in late November to see if they would be interested, and they are seeking information to make a decision. Across the … Continue reading

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National Sheriff’s Association Announces Award Applications

The National Sheriff’s Association (NSA) 2019 Award Applications are due postmarked no later than Friday, December 15th, unless otherwise noted. You can download an application here. For more information contact Ross Mirmelstein, Director, Conferences & Exhibits at 703.838.5321. Sheriff/Private Security Partnership Award Sponsored … Continue reading

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76% of Contributors Agree SIAC is Critical to the Security Industry

During May and early June 2018, a survey was distributed to ESA, TMA and SIA members regarding SIAC. A total of 4,646 surveys were distributed. The recipients included 249 past and current SIAC contributors. Respondents were almost evenly divided among … Continue reading

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Are You an ESA Member?

Are you an ESA member? If so, SIAC would like to give your association an update on law enforcement activities relative to our industry to you free of charge. Stan Martin will do the honors for us. It has always … Continue reading

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Wheeling, WV Sees 14 Percent Drop in Alarm Calls

Wheeling, WV has seen a 14 percent drop in alarm calls during it’s most recent 12-month reporting period. Between Oct. 1, 2016, and Sept. 30, 2017, the Wheeling Police Department responded to 969 alarms. A year later (Oct. 1, 2017, … Continue reading

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