Chime in on the NSA Public-Private Sector Partnership Award

SIAC encourages security companies to chime in on the NSA (National Sheriffs Association) Public-Private Sector Partnership Award. It is an excellent opportunity to show your community how you are working WITH law enforcement.

Please consider possible nominations for this special award which will include an NSA Award acknowledgement, presentation and photo op with your local sheriff. NSA sends a board member to the sheriff’s location to make the presentation with a representative of your company participating.

If your company is not yet working with a sheriff’s department, you should reach out to your sheriff and ask what you can do to support them — providing funding for deputy training, supplies for kids/drug prevention, etc. SIAC, along with The Monitoring Association (TMA), are sponsoring the award.

Start now — this award application is not due until December 2021, so you can engage now. You may submit an application later after the program is in place.

If you have any questions, please contact Stan Martin/SIAC 972.377.9401 or email

Attached is a link to NSA page:

And, this is the link to download for additional information:

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