Iowa Bans Alarm Company Fines

The state of Iowa has passed legislation — signed by Governor Kim Reynolds June 30, 2020 — banning fines from being imposed on alarm companies. The bill prohibits alarm companies from having to pay fees/fines associated with false alarms, emergency response to false alarms or permits.

The industry needs to thank Per Mar Security for their personal effort in getting this legislation enacted! Each state should consider similar legislation to ensure fines are billed to the folks that operate these systems and not the company who installs or monitors them.

per mar

The key language states the following: “A political subdivision shall not adopt or enforce an ordinance, resolution, rule or other measure requiring an alarm system contractor to pay a fee or fine associated with any of the following:

  • False alarms.
  • Emergency response to false alarms.
  • Permits associated with placing or keeping an alarm system in service, not including any installation permits required by the political subdivision’s building code.”

We can’t emphasize enough how important this legislation is for the dealers in Iowa, and across the United States. It’s a MAJOR POSITIVE step for our entire industry.


Please use our SIAC State Activity report to read more on the specifics. We encourage all our supporters to make a copy to share with your state-elected representatives. It is tremendously important to our industry, and this is a break-through bill.

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1 Response to Iowa Bans Alarm Company Fines

  1. Per Mar, the industry owes you a huge thank you. Legislation like this does not happen overnight. It takes a concerted amount of effort from many to pass legislation. Thank you so very much

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