Create the Right Business Climate

To run a successful electronic security company requires owners and leaders to push a lot of the right buttons. One under-stated quality is building and maintaining a positive business climate. What does that mean?


Simply put, you have talented people in the right positions and they work to sell and install your technology effectively and in a way that employees support each other and your customer base. But, as any business owner recognizes, those words are easier said than done.


With many recent articles in the media about the difficulty in hiring and retaining quality individuals (and we’ve seen our share of those stories in the security industry year after year), it becomes even more important to stick to that simple model noted above so you recruit talent and keep it. This all starts with the leader or owner. Your actions are watched. Employees pay attention. They take their lead from you.

What you say and do impacts how your people go about their jobs. This is tremendously important when you throw additional business-related issues into the equation, like alarm management. An alarm management program at your company will be successful if the owner commits to it, verbalizes its importance and acts on that by delivering the right tools and information to the team so they can do good work in the field.


Set the tone. Make sure your sales and tech teams know about local alarm requirements. Share information from SIAC on permitting programs, the model ordinance and two-call verification. These are good selling tools when working with customers, and armed with our quality materials, you’ll build a better business environment for your employees to succeed and serve your customers better.

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Dave's column has run in multiple small town newspapers across the U.S., in Nebraska, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas,where Dave has been able to entice personal friends and editors to run his social commentary. His column has also been picked up by It has appeared in newspapers since 1998, and began in response to one of the school shootings so depressingly familiar in America. His commentary has morphed into a weekly offering of humor, insights and advice on how to find sanity in an insane world.
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