Alarm Detection Systems in Aurora, IL Wins PDQ for Second Time

Alarm Detection Systems in Aurora, IL won the Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) Award for the second time. They were honored at ESX in Nashville, TN last month.


We’ve known the Bonifas family for a long time. They’ve run Alarm Detection Systems responsibly and with a total commitment to the causes that SIAC is committed to: exemplary alarm management practices. In particular, Bob Bonifas has stepped forward repeatedly over the years to help the security industry raise standards when it comes to reducing unnecessary dispatches to alarm signals.


So, while his company is now the second to win the award twice, it doesn’t come as surprise. We almost expect this type of effort from the company, its employees and the practices they employ. Their enterprise is professional at all times, and we salute them for that.


This year’s recipient has shown has been a leader in dispatch reduction efforts for over two decades. They were one of the very first companies to appoint a staff position to review the previous day’s dispatches, call customers, determine corrective actions required and apply the necessary resources to resolve the issue.


SIAC thanks co-sponsors Honeywell for their annual $1,000 contribution to the PDQ winner and Security Sales and Integration magazine and their editor Scott Goldfine as media sponsor.


Established jointly in 2005 by the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) and SECURITY SALES & INTEGRATION, and now also officially endorsed by the Installation Quality (IQ) program and sponsored by Honeywell.

The Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) Award program targets the alarm management issue by recognizing those installing and monitoring companies that follow established industry practices and partner with law enforcement to achieve the highest quality in minimizing police dispatch requests.

Companies are judged not only on their alarm rate, but also their training, literature, use of industry-recommended practices like Enhanced Call Confirmation, daily follow-up with customers, tracking problem accounts and more. Additionally, a police department must be supportive of the award submission and submit a letter confirming the alarm rate and acceptability of the applicant. Applications are scored by independent judges in 15 different areas.

The goal of the PDQ program is to raise industry-wide awareness, motivate alarm companies to be proactive and provide models that work for others to follow. SIAC congratulates Alarm Detection Systems of Aurora, IL!

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2 Responses to Alarm Detection Systems in Aurora, IL Wins PDQ for Second Time

  1. Kirk MacDowell says:

    Thank you to Honeywell and Security Sales and Integration for their continued SIAC sponsorship and most importantly congratulations to Alarm Detection Systems for a stellar repeat performance. Well deserved.
    Kirk MacDowell, MacGuard Secuiity Advisors Inc.

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