Registration as a Cornerstone to Successful Ordinances

Registration of your security system with local authorities is a cornerstone of the model alarm ordinance. With permitting, the ordinance works the way it is intended because there’s a track record – law enforcement is able to track where the alarms are coming from. That allows them to implement ways to help better manage the number of alarms through fines, education and cessation of response to major offenders.


As long as SIAC has been around, we’ve supported and advocated permitting provisions for the same reasons as police. When properly enforced, registration of alarm systems helps reduce the number of nuisance alarm system activations. That’s at the core of what we do, and why we are supported by many security companies and the four major security associations – ESA (Electronic Security Association), The Monitoring Association, SIA (Security Industry Association) and CANASA (Canadian Security Association).


Recently, Springfield, N.J., reminded permit holders in town that they need to submit their annual registration by January 15. We noted this in our SIAC State Activity Report, which you can find here. If you haven’t used our State Activity Report before, we urge you to do so. If you check it periodically, you recognize its value to your company in ensuring you and your customers are better aware of local rules and regulations affecting alarm systems.

The report is one of the extra benefits we provide to the electronic security industry. We always look for new ways to help our industry prosper. That means staying on top of government activities like alarm ordinances and sharing that information in a timely fashion.


Our coverage crisscrosses the United States and Canada. That’s a lot of activity. If you have any information you’d like us to share, please follow up with Stan Martin at We’d be glad to post relevant activities. If you find our postings helpful, please share them with others. Better compliance helps our entire industry.

SIAC is a HUGE advocate of collectively improving operations for the entire electronic security industry. With your input, we’ll keep getting better. We hope to see you in the new year. Be safe.

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