The ESA Recruiting Toolkit

One of the items that struck our attention at ESA’s just-completed Leadership Summit in Tampa, FL, was a recruiting toolkit that they’ve put online for companies in the security industry. Every year, one of the big issues that come up in discussion forums is the need to recruit and retain new employees. In short, our industry isn’t widely recognized around the country. That makes finding people a challenge.

Enter ESA. You’ll find information here; most importantly, you’ll find useful tools for your business to guide you through recruitment, hiring and retention.

Most companies in the electronic security industry are small businesses. They don’t have a human resources director or a position set aside to recruit, hire and train. Instead, most frequently, it’s the owner who does that. He or she finds a candidate through advertising, networking or social media, vets the individual(s), then makes a decision.

The ESA web page helps you with the candidate search, co-branded materials and establishing compensation. Other sections of the page help companies develop job descriptions, put together a recruitment video and see what type of best practices are used by others to retain good employees. We recommend you take a look and see if the tools help your company.


ESA provides many valuable programs together for members and is constantly looking at how we can improve our businesses through growth, improved technology, better training and fresh blood to fill openings with talent. ESA also helps SIAC by consistently providing us venues to put our message in front of larger audiences, and generously contributing $25,000 annually to our mission. We appreciate their constant attention to what makes our industry successful, and refining what we do to make companies better. Their toolkit is one more example of a big service they provide us all.

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