The SIAC Team Game

Many of you who read our blog know our SIAC team personally. Others do not. Because so many of our accomplishments flow from the work of our talented staff, I’d like to run down our team for those of you who may not know us or who don’t know some of our players.


Glen Mowrey is our law enforcement star. He travels the country and works relentlessly to meet with police and sheriff departments to establish sound ordinances as well as state alarm management committees with members of the security industry.

Jon Sargent is a key western contact for SIAC, heavily servicing California, Nevada and Arizona. He attends industry sessions and provides timely and critical information to both law enforcement and industry forums. His knowledge of our industry is vast and strategic. Chuck Brobeck helps Jon with our California law enforcement connections.

Ron Walters moved to California from Florida this past year and though he does attend some local alarm association meetings, his more prevalent duties include rewriting alarm ordinances to make them more effective for all parties. He also tirelessly writes articles for industry and state publications to explain the work we do. Ron is our ordinance expert – he reviews and analyzes proposed documents from various agencies, proposed language adjustments to comply with best practices while removing onerous provisions.  He is our primary contact and liaison for ESA, their chapters and members.

Steve Keefer fills a similar role to Glen, handling law enforcement connections in the Western part of the U.S. He attends meetings, provides information, writes alarm ordinances and ensures the security industry perspective is heard.
Tom Sweeney handles law enforcement relations for SIAC in the Northeast U.S. His insights and expertise help build strong relationships and gives our industry better opportunities to establish effective alarm management procedures.

Bob Pence is the newest member of the team, retired from the FBI. He works primarily in Colorado where he has strong relationships with law enforcement officials statewide. He also assists with his network of national contacts.

These men get it done. If you need us, we’ll be there to help. You can reach our contact information on the SIAC web site. I couldn’t be prouder of their contributions and accomplishments. We’ve made tremendous progress improving alarm management practices and relations with law enforcement officials across North America. That’s a direct testament to their talent, drive and dedication. If you see them out and about at industry functions, please give them a show of thanks!

Stan Martin

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