Moody Award Winner Glen Mowrey Exemplifies Leadership in Building Partnerships

Glen Mowrey exemplifies leadership in many ways. It’s a major reason SIAC selected him as the winner of the 2016 William Moody Award, given each year to a member of the security industry demonstrating leadership in alarm management solutions. With great passion, Glen’s mantra is about partnering. He brings law enforcement together with the electronic security industry to solve problems. He’s been successful over and over. That’s why we selected him for the award.


Glen’s successes didn’t come quickly or easily. They took time, with many months and often years put in working closely with different (and disparate) parties to forge successful relationships. His determination paid off repeatedly.


With 36 years in law enforcement (retiring as Deputy Chief of the Charlotte (NC) Police Department) and 12 years now with SIAC, Glen has worked both sides of the fence. He understands the demands and challenges facing law enforcement. And he recognizes and appreciates the value the security industry brings to the table. He merges these two backgrounds to help explain issues, devise coordinated solutions, and to open dialogues that might not have occurred without his input.


To cite but a few of Glen’s major accomplishment since donning his SIAC cap, we give you the following:

  • He created the concept of state Alarm Management Committees, bringing together law enforcement and security companies to work together on alarm management issues. To date, 15 committees have been established, providing progress and positive results.
  • He has worked withhundreds of agencies on alarm ordinances and management programs, sometimes helping those jurisdictions achieve 80 percent (or more) reductions in unnecessary alarm activations.
  • Glen was instrumental in helpingeducate law enforcement on the benefits and impact of Enhanced Call Verification (ECV), where two calls are placed to alarm customers before police are contacted. The procedure is widely credited with reducing calls for police response by up to 60 percent.

We could go on and on with Glen’s accomplishments and his awards. More importantly, Glen is someone you can count on, and someone who gets the job done. Those qualities define him. It’s why SIAC has made so much progress the past 15 years, and by extension why relationships are so much stronger today between law enforcement agencies and the security industry. When you have someone like Glen continuously traveling to national, state and local law enforcement meetings  year-round, alarm industry visibility and communication are going to improve. And there’s a lot to be said for making things better tomorrow than what they were today.
SIAC thanks Glen for his long-term tireless and effective contributions. The electronic security industry is fortunate to have him working on our behalf.

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