Tyco Integrated Security Serving Business

Tyco Integrated Security, one of SIAC’s biggest contributors, serves unique markets in the electronic security industry. Their focus is business, but they split that approach into three distinct areas to showcase their expertise: small, medium and enterprise business. For a firm seeking help with their security needs, that allows the customer to directly target their field. That’s an advantage to both parties, and one we feel helps Tyco identify solutions that help improve alarm management practices across these sectors.


Too often, our industry looks heavily at homes when working to reduce unnecessary alarm activations. The reality is that many businesses have repeat problems. Tyco focuses on specific solutions, from smart, safe small business installations and service to deeper business intelligence solutions for medium and enterprise businesses. Their experience helps them eliminate repeat problems. That’s good for their customers, and our industry as a whole.



We’re thankful for Tyco’s ongoing contributions to SIAC. Their support demonstrates their commitment to helping the industry improve alarm management practices. How they operate day-to-day shows their commitment to this cause as well. Actions make the difference.


If you operate a manufacturing facility, warehouse, religious institution, restaurant, high tech enterprise or community bank, Tyco identifies those markets (and more), providing targeted approaches to your security needs.  With a wide selection of equipment brands, Tyco also branches out to ensure installations employ high quality technology. Again, that is another important way to help customers better manage their alarms.

We appreciate Tyco’s approach and their commitment to better alarm management solutions. To find out more about contributing to SIAC, click here: http://www.siacinc.org/donate.aspx.

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