Honeywell Teaches Through Video

One of the under-sung training tools available these days is the short video put together by a company looking to explain a product or service.  Given the tools on your smart phone (we presume you have one), you can easily have someone speak or demonstrate a new product, how to use it, or help resolve a customer complaint through a visual demonstration.

Honeywell Security is adept at this, putting out videos that not only help you use their products, but employ those products effectively.  That ensures newer technology is used the right way.  It also matters on the alarm management front, as customers who are better informed on security technology actually use that equipment more effectively, thus reducing user errors.


You can take a look at one of their videos here,, which was posted to YouTube.  That’s another way Honeywell expands the reach of their messages, by creating greater access to their materials – put it out on social media to share.

Honeywell has supported SIAC consistently year after year.  We are deeply appreciative of their support and the positive tone they set for our industry.

As companies in the electronic security industry seek to run their businesses more effectively and implement better technologies sought by customers, Honeywell’s leadership is worth noting.  We may just take a page from their book one of these days.  Look for us at

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