Keep Good Technicians

If you are a systems integrator, and have good technicians at your company, take extra steps to keep them on board. A quality technician provides many intangibles. They include:

• Good people skills. The top people listen to customers, explain the value, equipment and operation of the security system they install or fix. That bond with the customer helps your company build its reputation in a positive way.

• Highly trained. Send your technicians to extra training every year. Get them started with the right training tools, and keep helping them expand their skills. That gives your company an advantage in terms of the effectiveness of your installations, and cuts down on customer service calls.

• On time. Being on time is one of the most important qualities that good technicians have. They set up a time and show up when they say they will. Customers aren’t left waiting. If they happen to be late, they make sure to contact the customer immediately to let her know of the delay. This builds a stronger connection with customers, demonstrates responsibility and shows the customer’s time is valued.
Give a shout out to your technicians. Recognize the important work they do for you. Having the right people, retaining them, and helping them develop is important to the bottom line of any electronic security company. And, as an added bonus, those talented technicians help reduce unnecessary alarm activations. We love that part, too.

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