Bellevue, Washington Opens Alarm Registration

Bellevue, Washington began enforcing alarm registration earlier this month on its new ordinance. Registration remains open through September 30. By October 1, alarm systems must be permitted or owners face fines of $100. Registration is $25 and permits the site through January 2017.


Bellevue participated in the Model States Project and SIAC volunteer Ron Haner of the Alarm Center in Lacey, Washington has continued that work with Bellevue over the ensuing years. This is one more example where his time and effort have been rewarded as the city moves to a program designed to improve alarm management practices. Like other types of news, sometimes we hear more about the bad than the good. This case is good news. We believe the program will substantially lower the number of unnecessary calls for police dispatch and continue to build a stronger bond between local law enforcement and the electronic security industry.

The new ordinance includes many best practices for which SIAC advocates: Mandatory registration, fines for unnecessary alarm activations, and two-call verification (Enhanced Call Verification or ECV). To avoid the first fine, violators can take an alarm awareness class, which we believe is an excellent step to better educate alarm users about how to operate their system properly, and to understand how numerous alarm activations impact law enforcement resources.

If you run an alarm business in Bellevue, you need to know that AOT Public Safety Corp. will manage the program. You can go to online to complete your registration.

Getting good ordinances approved and adopted takes substantial time and resources. We’re happy to see Ron Haner’s efforts rewarded in Bellevue in this ordinance filled with our best practices.

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