Monitoring Prices Reflect Growing Value

From 2004-2013, monitoring prices for alarm systems slowly rose. That’s good news for the electronic security industry, and reflects the value these companies provide customers. People are willing to pay more to hire professionally trained customer service departments to monitor their homes and businesses.


According to a report with these statistics from the “2104 Security Sales and Integration Business Report,” the average price for monitoring in 2004 was $24. By 2013, it rose to $27. No, that’s not a big jump. But during a significant number of those years, the U.S. economy did not do well. So a $3 rise in monthly fees over 10 years is not bad.

More importantly, we believe here at SIAC that the trend reflects an ongoing desire of customers to hire security industry professionals. One of the major benefits customers receive in return is well-trained central station operators schooled in the best techniques to keep unnecessary alarm activations to a minimum.

When you provide good value, as alarm monitoring centers do, customers recognize this and are willing to incorporate a slightly higher fee into their monthly budgets. SIAC encourages alarm monitoring companies to continue promoting this value. Show how you benefit customers. Explain the skills your people bring to the telephone when they pick up and respond to an activation. The more your customers understand these qualities, the more they will understand why a few bucks a month is worth it to their protection.

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