Get the Right Technology and Installations in New Home Construction

New home construction is up across North America. That trend appears strong for the near future. And within new home construction, more and more builders are offering security features to buyers. Eighty percent of home builders now offer service to install monitored security systems, according to the Consumer Electronics Association in their 13th Annual State of Builder Technology Market Study (

That’s a good growth measure for the electronic security industry. It also means technology and installations need to meet high industry standards to curtail unnecessary alarm activations. Growth for growth’s sake, as the saying goes, isn’t always the best thing.

It’s always important to figure out what “smart” growth is. Smart growth is more than ensuring your people are trained properly to correctly install and maintain new technologies. Always consider the impact on alarm management.

For the electronic security system, smart growth means technology is designed to minimize inadvertent alarm activations, customers know how to properly use their systems and proper support is provided by the monitoring company to ensure two-call verification is employed. SIAC recommends these measures, and more, as part of a high quality home alarm management program (
new home construction
Making sure new home installations get it right from the start requires education and good information. SIAC is here to help.

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