Professional Monitoring is Here to Stay

Professional monitoring for alarm systems is here to stay. Do-it-yourself (DIY) monitoring has created a ripple of interest and made inroads into the security market. But it will not take the place of the pros in monitoring centers.

Here’s why: The trained person in a monitoring center is available at all times and has the knowledge and experience to know exactly how to respond to a call and what to do when it comes to contacting emergency officials. A homeowner cannot match that. A business person will not have that experience.

The professionalism of the employees at alarm monitoring centers across North America also means 24/7 availability. That’s what a consumer gains by using the service. If an individual with a DIY account is traveling, on an airplane, out of the country or even sleeping at night, there is no ability to monitor the premises.

Beyond availability, monitoring center employees work with emergency personnel, so they know how to quickly contact officials when necessary, and work effectively with them. When it comes to verifying alarms, monitoring center employees are trained on protocols to identify nuisance alarms, and eliminate unnecessary calls to police dispatch. That’s another important distinction that separates monitoring centers from DIY monitoring.

SIAC supports the professionals at alarm monitoring centers. Our industry should promote the quality services they provide to the consumer and emergency personnel.

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