History of SIAC: The Beginnings

(Editor’s note: This is the first installment in a series on the history of SIAC. We hope you enjoy it.)

After serving the industry for almost 12 years, there are a great many who have no idea of the history of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition, better known as SIAC. In 1997 the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and SACOP – State Association of Chiefs of Police — asked the alarm industry to study the growing issue of unneeded dispatches to alarm calls. This joint project became known as the Model States project.

Model States became the first large effort to understand the cause and cure of the false dispatch issue. The study would be conducted in four states: Florida, California, Illinois and Washington State, and each of these states would have a full-time coordinator to work with law enforcement. Additionally, each state would have a designated Chief of Police to oversee the effort and help open doors to law enforcement agencies so that the coordinators could do their work.

To oversee the entire project, ADI committed the resources of VP of Industry Relations, Stan Martin, to bring it all together. Unique to Model States was that all of the work would be handled by personnel hired to specifically work full-time on a single issue.

Prior to Model States, the industry’s work was done by volunteers who met a few times a year, held conference calls and then a staff person would track and report results or findings. Model States would use these full-time employees to delve deeply into the issue.

(Part Two next will delve into the Central Station Alarm Association’s Involvement)

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