Connected Homes Also Pose Threats

The more connected we’ve become around the globe with smart phones and wireless technology, the greater the potential for hackers to compromise our personal information. As the many incidents publicized in the news the past 18 months or so demonstrate, there is a criminal element looking to take advantage of you by stealing your credit/debit cards, personal data and more.

As the home and business security grows in size through the interconnectedness available through smart phone/wireless technology, we need to be extra aware during sales, installations and service to ensure these threats are minimized. We also need to focus on teaching customers the safe and proper operation of their alarm systems through these technologies to minimize unnecessary alarm activations.

Technology jumps quickly. Training and systems don’t always adapt as quickly. It’s simple for customers to use their phone to operate their alarm system, locks, lights, air conditioning/heating and video cameras. It’s much harder for the installing company to ensure that customer operates each of those systems carefully and with due diligence to minimize inadvertent alarm activations.

Networks can be hacked. That means vulnerabilities. SIAC encourages electronic security companies to continue refining your culture so that the most up-to-date technologies, training and data protection programs are part of your service offerings. To find out more how we can help your business improve alarm management practices, go to:

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2 Responses to Connected Homes Also Pose Threats

  1. Great blog, timely topic. We will be hearing more about this in the future and it is the dealer’s responsibility to do something about it. The Internet of Things will only exacerbate this situation so those solution providers who work on this now will find lots of committed customers in the future.

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