Good Alarm Management Practices as a Competitive Advantage

Most of our work at SIAC is spent educating others about how to improve their alarm management practices, and bringing different groups together to find out the best ways to do so. To get the word out, we do a lot of “teaching and training.” We’re in the field, meeting with state and local associations, sitting down in multiple forums with law enforcement, all in the name of better industry practices.

A point we probably don’t stress enough is talking about why good alarm management practices provide companies a competitive advantage. Making changes in how you select and install equipment, teach customers how to use the alarm system properly, and monitor accounts by including two-call verification all give you an advantage in the marketplace. It’s something you should talk about with current and potential customers

Here’s why: Companies whose customers have a lower alarm rate (the frequency of false dispatches) have more effective systems. That’s something customers can bank on. What does a customer want? They want an alarm system to operate consistently, effectively and in a timely way. Secondly, well run alarm systems reduce the potential of fines for customers from those unwanted alarm activations. That saves customers money.

So, as you do your share to better manage the systems you sell, install and service, remember to let your customers know about that advantage you provide them. It’s a competitive advantage you have. Use it. For more information on the benefits SIAC provides you, go to our web site at:

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