Civilian Outreach

Civilian outreach by law enforcement has been around for years. When police work more closely with citizens of the local community, public safety is enhanced.

SIAC supports these types of tighter relations. Resources in most government agencies are constrained, so when it comes to finding ways to best protect against crime, police chiefs and sheriffs have to find novel ways to stretch resources, introduce new ideas and use smarter approaches to solving problems.

We talked about an approach by the Carson City, NV Police Department last year that used citizens to help educate alarm owners about how to reduce unnecessary alarm activations. That’s a prime example of working together that benefits the police department and the local community by saving money and putting police in a better position to respond to higher priority calls.

That’s only one example. We’d like to see more “ride-alongs” for members of the public, even those of us in the security industry. It would help build bridges, teach us some of the challenges facing police, and help us better understand the day-to-day issues that the “cop on the beat” faces. That helps both sides work together down the road.

Get to know your local police officials. Shake a hand next time you see an officer working the local high school basketball game. They’ll appreciate it, you might make a new friend and find a way to open a dialogue to a bigger issue that helps your community. It’s a good way to start the new year.

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