Many Arrows in the Quiver

By: Stan Martin, SIAC Executive Director

Last week we discussed in our SIAC blog how one size does not fit all when it comes to solving inadvertent alarm activations. Each community is unique, so solutions must be unique.

We like to look at the solutions SIAC advocates as different arrows in the quiver. The different arrows help improve alarm management in different ways. Our goal is to build confidence in what the security industry can accomplish when we are asked to help out. We measure the needs locally from all parties before we apply solutions. And we customize, as necessary.

There are a lot of opinions voiced in our industry on alarm management issues. Some argue for a single source solution, from a single point-of-view, without considering the consequences of all parties involved. In my experience as an alarm dealer, association leader, distributor and liaison to the law enforcement community, I’ve come to see all sides and how important it is to recognize there is not “just one solution.”

Alarm management solutions that yield long-term harmony and satisfaction must benefit all stakeholders — law enforcement, our customers and our businesses. Otherwise you’ll find yourself back at the negotiating table with less credibility, making it even more difficult to achieve the desired results.

We have many practices that are well-proven in multiple locations: The more of them applied, the better results you’ll see with dispatch reductions.

Let’s be reasonable and practical in our approaches, and involve all the key parties. That’s a great starting point to decide which arrows to pull from the quiver.

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