The PDQ and Why You Should Apply

The Police Dispatch Quality Award (PDQ) has, in just a few short years, become one of the most sought after honorariums in the alarm industry.

The PDQ award is sponsored jointly by SIAC, Security Sales & Integration, FARA, IQ and Honeywell. It was initiated to recognize the one company each year that exemplifies the most significant impact in the alarm dispatch arena. Think about that. The ONE company that rises above very other company. In fact Honeywell presents a $1,000 check to the winner to offset the cost of traveling to ESX to accept the award. Additionally, your company will receive special coverage in Security Sales & Integration magazine which includes color photos and a nice write-up!

In the inaugural years, applicants pretty much had to be an installing company with their own monitoring facility. However, today the grading has been altered so that whether you provide your own monitoring, use a third party or even if you are a third party monitoring provider you can apply and have an equal opportunity to win.

As with anything worthwhile applying for, the award takes a time commitment and full documentation. In fact one of the more common mistakes is not giving yourself enough time to fully complete the application.

We’ve learned that some dealers have not applied because they believe they must be 100% compliant in every scoring area. Now it’s true, if you don’t answer a question you get no credit and stand little chance of winning. Example: Use of CP-01 panels in all installations. Rarely can anyone claim that to be 100% true, so give us the percentage of panels you do install and you’ll receive a proportional number of points. Send your submittal in the form specified on the application. While a professionally bound submittal looks nice, it will not improve your score. In fact, we now discourage hard copies and prefer a well-organized PDF file.

The judging panel wants to fully consider every application, but those that don’t follow the instructions run the risk of not even being considered.
Make certain that you DETAIL your involvement in industry trade associations, civic groups and especially your involvement with law enforcement in at least one jurisdiction. List positions held and committees served on even if they are in the past.

You need to have marketing materials even if it just a section of your Web site assessable to end users. You must show how you promote alarm reduction both within your company and to your customers.

Finally we want you to win, so start early and get that application submitted. The deadline for the 2014 entries is March 31st, 2015. More details here:

With the new grading criteria, any company has the opportunity to win this prestigious award, but only if you apply.

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