Habitec: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) keeps you ahead of the curve when it comes to curbing unwanted alarm activations. Habitec, a full service electronic security company headquartered in Toledo, OH, and ranked 62nd on SDM’s Top 100 list, recently published additional proof of ECV’s value.

Three years ago, Habitec implemented ECV, which is the process of placing two calls from the monitoring center to alarm owners to see if there is a reason for the activation before contacting law enforcement to reduce any unnecessary alarm dispatches. The immediate reduction for Habitec was a 20% decrease in the number of those calls for service to the police department.

But that wasn’t all the company did. They stepped up and put together a number of additional measures, including working with SIAC and the Toledo Police Department on an effective alarm management program. They also implemented a false alarm abuser mailing campaign, developed internal alarm procedure changes to decrease false panic alarms and false exterior motion, and added video alarm response to improve the integrity of the system. This accomplished a number of positive things for Habitec, not the least of which was a reduction in overall alarm dispatches of 57%.

More than that, Habitec’s sensitivity to police response issues has built a bridge for the company, and that yields dividends down the road in terms of branding both their company and keeping our industry in a positive light. When police are being asked to do more with less, it’s good to see leading companies like Habitec step forward to show what the security industry can do to help lighten the load.

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