Making Technicians Less Technical

Guest Column from SIAC’s Ron Walters:

This doesn’t only sound like a broken record; it is a broken record, for those of you who remember what a record is.

This is a pretty basic concept: Alarm users cause 75% of all false alarms and false dispatches. So why does it seem like the industry feels it isn’t something they need to deal with?

The truth is that far north of 90% of all customers are trained by an installer or service technician. This training is most commonly done at the end of the installation, which is also most likely to be at the end of the day. Not only is this technician tired, so is the customer. And technicians have that title for simple reason: They are technical. They are not schooled in communications.

Very generally speaking, technical people have a tendency to believe that everyone knows at least the basics about alarms and their installation, but truthfully more often than not a new customer is looking at an alarm arming station for the first time. Even if they’ve previously had a system, what is the likelihood that this one functions like the last one?

Over two years ago SIAC developed a complete training program to train technicians on how best to train alarm users. We know this material is over 90% effective, not because the industry has applied it. We know it is effective because law enforcement has embraced it and taught our customers how to use our systems.
These materials are FREE to you and we encourage you to not only use them, you are welcome to brand them with your company name. Please at least review them and give us some feedback.

Follow this link to receive your FREE copy of end user training. Make sure you download both the support documents and the Power Point presentation.

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Dave's column has run in multiple small town newspapers across the U.S., in Nebraska, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas,where Dave has been able to entice personal friends and editors to run his social commentary. His column has also been picked up by It has appeared in newspapers since 1998, and began in response to one of the school shootings so depressingly familiar in America. His commentary has morphed into a weekly offering of humor, insights and advice on how to find sanity in an insane world.
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