Polling on Unethical Door-to-Door Sales

Security Systems News (SSN) has come up with a unique idea for determining how big of a problem unethical door knockers are for the alarm industry. They’ve recently put out a poll, posing a number of questions to determine what members of our industry think about issues related to door-to-door selling techniques. You can access it here: http://www.securitysystemsnews.com/. Scroll to the bottom to find the poll.

Door-to-door sales are a completely acceptable practice if done properly. It is a way to meet face-to-face with a potential customer to share information in an open manner. Companies like Vivint, ADT and Tyco have stepped up and signed the Electronic Security Association’s (ESA) revised code of ethics to tighten up acceptable door-to-door sales practices. That’s a big step and a visible one for others in our industry.

As SSN points out in the introduction to the poll, there have been some highly visible efforts made to fight unethical approaches in door-to-door sales, including the ESA revisions noted above. Additionally, ADT is offering $25,000 to whistleblowers who expose a company that trains their sales personnel in deceptive techniques.

Those are two ways to help combat this problem facing our industry. Certainly there are more. The poll seeks to get your input on what some of the other best methods might be to combat deceptive sales.

If you have a few moments, click on the link we attached above. It’s a good service SSN is providing the security industry, and the more people who weigh in, the more likely it will be that we come up with some new ideas to further reduce this ongoing problem.

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