Can Better Security Information Decrease Unwanted Alerts?

Can better security information decrease unwanted alarm activations? We believe so, and we also believe that the more we know about what goes wrong with a security system, the more the information arms us to do a better job. A huge part of our job here at SIAC is pulling together useful information for our industry so that we manage alarms more effect ively.

What type of information is useful to alarm security industry? The causes of those unnecessary alarm activations is one. Knowing what triggers the alarm accidently is the first step to correcting the problem. We have a tremendous amount of information and resources to help you. Just go to our Web site to find out more:

More information you can use includes the best methods for reducing unwanted alarm activations. Again, SIAC is here to help with data proven to significantly reduce unwanted activations. We’ve compiled this from successful programs across the United States and Canada. Year after year, we refine these materials, add to our data bases and make it available publicly. One of the best takeaways for you is that you can adapt the information to the specifics of your community, work with local officials to come up with alarm ordinance programs that make the most sense give the crucial variables in the jurisdictions our service.

Finally, there is information only a specific company can find, hone and use. Each alarm company should look at the causes and solutions to problem alarms in your customer base. You must dive deeply into “why” a certain home, business or organization has too many nuisance alarm activations, then use the answer to that question to craft a plan of action.

Use information wisely, and your customer satisfaction will rise. So will your customer base. And you will build solid relationships with law enforcement in the communities you serve. We believe those are all good reasons to research and apply that information in your business.

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