Tracking Ordinances Across North America

Many dealers do not realize SIAC has a system for tracking changes to ordinances across North America that an alarm company can subscribe. And, the service is free.

One of the benefits the “State Activity Report” provides you is timely information. The site is updated weekly, and includes copies of ordinances, policies and related documents.

A second unique feature the system provides is an automatic notification directly to your email address when changes are downloaded. We make it easy for you to track the cities or states you wish.

The service is contained on a secure portion of our main website and is available to any security professional that services, monitors, installs or sells professional alarm systems. If you wish to sign up, you need to go to our website homepage on the lower right side.

Look for “State Reports.” Click on “State Activity Login,” then click on “Need Access” and fill out the form. At the bottom of that form, enter “SIAC Blog” for referred by and we’ll get you processed quickly. We look forward to keeping you informed, and as always, if you have breaking information, please send it along to any SIAC contacts listed on our website.

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