When You See a Home Being Remodeled

When you are out on a sales or service call, it’s not unusual as you drive through a residential neighborhood to see a sign posted in the yard that says, “Remodeling by XXXX.” What do you think about when you see the sign? Does it make you pause and say to yourself, “Hmmm, that house sure needs an extension.” Or does it make you see a business opportunity?

Any home remodeling project is also an opportunity for new (or updated) business for security companies providing intrusion protection. Beyond this opportunity, homes that are being remodeled means our industry can install newer equipment, and help educate the customer on best techniques for operating their alarms systems so no inadvertent soundings occur.

Remodeling is a multi-billion dollar industry. Consider contacting your customers with direct mail and get a piece of that action – upgrade to the alarm system, home automation, CCTV. Why not get some of that additional business before someone else does?

Keep your eye out for these opportunities as you go about your business. The homes with the remodeling signs out front may already be one of your customers, and maybe it is time for you to revisit them and discuss new technology and new alarm management practices.

If the remodeled house isn’t one of your customers, drop off a card and see if they’d like to begin using your security services. Either way, this is the chance for you to further connect with customers, introduce your company and share knowledge on the most effective way to handle your home alarm system.

About justwrite15

Dave's column has run in multiple small town newspapers across the U.S., in Nebraska, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas,where Dave has been able to entice personal friends and editors to run his social commentary. His column has also been picked up by www.coastalmonroe.com. It has appeared in newspapers since 1998, and began in response to one of the school shootings so depressingly familiar in America. His commentary has morphed into a weekly offering of humor, insights and advice on how to find sanity in an insane world.
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