Home Automation: Boom or Challenge?

The growth in the home automation market benefits the security industry. More installations mean growth for the businesses that manufacture, sell, install and service security systems. At the same time, additional growth presents challenges if companies entering the home automation market come from outside the security space.

Multiple speakers at two recent industry events – ISC West and the Consumer Electronics Show – spoke about the continued growth of home automation, including the newer technologies and how to tie security systems to home automation. The equipment and how to safely and successfully integrate the different systems will continue to evolve in the years ahead.

It’s important to remember that security is about Life Safety for our customers. Other devices are mostly for convenience or lifestyle improvement. Focusing first on home automation means that is the first responsibility of those companies, not the features professional security companies primarily focus on.

While security professionals can add home automation features to an installation, it is more complex for home automation companies to add security features. Regardless, enhanced expertise is necessary to install and service extra features properly and address the burden and seriousness of integrating the components successfully.

At SIAC, we pay particular attention to proper installation and maintenance of alarm systems, along with high quality monitoring practices and training (for employees and customers, when it comes to properly operating their alarm system). Wrapped up in this is the big challenge the security industry faces – continuing to build on our progress in improving alarm manage practices the past decade.

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