Monitored Account Leap Means Responsibilities for New Entrants

Monitored accounts for alarm systems increased dramatically in 2013. With that increase comes a need for an industry-wide commitment to best practices that include two-call verification (ECV- Enhanced Call Verification) and sustained, high quality training for operators. We plan to do our part at SIAC by continuing to provide the type of information and education useful to monitoring centers, particularly the newer entrants to the security field.

According to a survey led by Barnes Associates, a consulting and advisory firm specializing in the security alarm industry, the wholesale monitoring segment rose 19.4% in 2013. The survey was co-sponsored by Security Systems News and the Central Station Alarm Association. That increase in the number of monitored accounts means there are a lot of new systems in place that need to be properly maintained.

Over the past five years, growth has been in a range from less than one percent to 11%, according to Security Systems News, which reported on the story ( As the story suggests, and SIAC agrees, the influx of cable/telecom companies into the security field has likely fueled much of this growth.

That means these newer entrants must also shoulder their share of the burden to ensure monitoring is done effectively. Whether you are new to the industry or have been around for many years, monitoring calls properly is hugely important to reducing unnecessary alarm dispatches. Driving those calls down to negligible numbers requires a strong commitment from the newer companies, coupled with the commitment of those companies who have been around longer. Whichever category you fall into, SIAC is here to help (

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2 Responses to Monitored Account Leap Means Responsibilities for New Entrants

  1. Roy Pollack says:

    “Newer entrants to the security field” are not necessarily any less committed to false alarm prevention than any other company. As a matter of fact, many of these companies have sought out and hired experienced industry veterans to make certain that they are in conformity with best industry practices, and even go beyond and develop their own procedures and policies for false alarm and dispatch reductions.

    • SIAC INC says:

      Roy, Thank you for the comment! You are correct and we applaud the effort by many of them to adhere to the established alarm reduction guidelines by making that extra effort. I also appreciate the fact that many of them are stepping up and working with us on ordinance issues, legislation and supporting SIAC financially, allowing us to expand our educational outreach to more dealers and law enforcement!

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