Update Your Customer Records as Part of your 2G Sunset Service: Part 3 of SIAC’s Series

Servicing your customers through the 2G Sunset provisions is one of the most important things an alarm company can do to ensure the system continues to operate properly. SIAC explored concerns security businesses will encounter as they negotiate the 2G Sunset in two previous blogs: https://siacinc.wordpress.com/2014/02/10/after-the-2g-sunset-whats-next-part-2-in-a-siac-series/. Today we share additional tips to help your business run more effectively.

Update Your Customer Records:

Make a customer visit mandatory as part of your 2G Sunset plan. That means getting out and talking with each customer about what the change will mean to them and their alarm system.

No matter how hard we all try, it is likely that a high percentage of your customer records are inaccurate. Having an opportunity to do an updated inventory of customer equipment allows your service department to operate more efficiently.

Signing new 5-year customer contracts could actually increase the value of your accounts by 30-40%. This alone is worth the cost of a customer visit.
Don’t forget to get new emergency contact information and make sure that these updates include cell phone numbers so that you can employ Enhanced Call Verification (ECV).

Equipment Upgrades:

Similarly, a valuable customer service is to share equipment upgrades with them, and gauge their interest in the installation of new technology. This can also include the replacement of outdated or worn out materials.

Did you know that outdated batteries are the cause of most weather related alarms? A very high percentage of your legacy accounts likely have outdated system batteries that should be replaced. There are many upgrades available today, such as video monitoring. In addition there are non-security devices, such as carbon monoxide detectors and thermostats that can be controlled by a smart phone.

If you look closely at your customers’ needs and what the 2G Sunset provisions will mean to their alarm system, you’ll find opportunities to secure the business for years to come, and grow your own.

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