Model Ordinance is Still the Best Route for Akron

SIAC believes implementing provisions from the model ordinance is still the best route for Akron, OH for the city to reduce the number of nuisance alarms within their jurisdiction. While the city has moved forward with a Verified Response policy that takes effect in March, we will continue to work with local officials to maintain police as first responders to alarms:

Based on SIAC’s experience over the years, the public has expectations of police response, and they feel safer when there are trained sworn officers responding. We’ve seen that most consumers don’t want to use a private responder.

Non-response raises the risk to consumers, who have historically been compelled to respond to alarms on their own or to appeal to neighbors for help. That’s dangerous.

A well-enforced ordinance that places the focus on the chronic abusers, not the 85% that have no alarm dispatches in any given year. Limiting the number of free responses to a low number—between zero and two—is an important measure of this approach.

Reducing the overall number of alarm dispatches by implementing registration provisions also helps, along with two-call verification and canceling response to chronic abusers. Add to that cost recovery for the city through fees and fines and it becomes a win for everyone.

We’ve said it before and thirteen state chiefs associations agree: A well-enforced ordinance that utilizes our jointly developed best practices works. The key word is “enforced.” We understand the resource constraints in communities across North America. That’s why the model ordinance is a flexible document and tremendously useful for heavily reducing unwanted alarms.

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