After the 2G Sunset: What’s Next? (Part 2 in a SIAC Series)

By: Ron Walters

After the 2G Sunset, what’s next? Continuing in our series on what alarm companies can do to take advantage of the sunset provisions, we look next to the SIA/CP-01 standard.
Here’s what you can do at no cost while you are at a customer’s premise.


First, there should be no one-plus duress codes in any alarm panel. Manually activated alarms should be of dual action.

Check the entry-exit delay periods. Exit delays should be a minimum of 60 seconds and entry delays no less than 30 seconds. This helps address 77% of all false dispatches, which of course is user error.

Check the swinger shutdown feature – it should be set between 2 and 6.

Stay tuned to our blog for what’s next on the 2G Sunset and how our business can benefit.

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