Shorter is Better

Shorter is often better. Longer processes and documents complicate matters, lengthen the time it takes to get things done and often create ambiguity. There is certainly a time and place for extra verbiage and provisions. But when it comes to alarm ordinances, SIAC has found that a shorter document works effectively for law enforcement, helping get enforceable requirements quickly in place with support from all involved parties.

Recently in Bellevue, WA, SIAC’s Jon Sargent and Ron Haner submitted a streamlined model alarm ordinance to officials. The city had been working with an old document that was 26 pages. The new one was 7 pages. Which would you rather read?

Over the years, through a lot of trial and error, SIAC has learned what has and hasn’t worked when it comes to local ordinances. We respect that each community has nuances that it wants addressed. At the same time, because of our experience, we can offer knowledge and a simpler solution. That’s where a shortened model ordinance comes into play.

One of the services sought from SIAC by many local officials in the U.S. and Canada is a pre-written alarm ordinance. By using model ordinance as a starting point, these communities accept the work that has gone into the document, including input from law enforcement, the security industry and local governments. The past few years, we have been able to streamline this document down to an even easier to implement (and understand) ordinance.

We’ve boiled down the key provisions. We’ve maintained best practices inside the shorter document. It’s easier for a local jurisdiction to implement.

That’s part of the service we offer to those who seek our advice. We continue to improve the services we offer, banking our experience. Please go to our Web site to find out more: And remember, our services are always free to law enforcement.

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