ADS Shares Success Model to Eliminate Chronic Alarm Abusers

Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. (ADS), out of Aurora, IL, has a great model to eliminate chronic alarms: Designate an employee and empower that individual to take care of the problem. Bob Bonifas, ADS President, knows this will work because he’s seen it in action.

“For our 239 worst false alarm causing customers who experienced a monthly average of 166 false alarms in 2012, we have seen steady progress in false alarm reduction each month through June 2013, and now in July the number was 75. This is greater than a 50% reduction over the average month of 166 in 2012,” Bonifas explained.

“If you extrapolate 75 per month this would still be a yearly average for these 239 customers of 3.76. This is the worst of the worst and was sorted listing everyone with 6 or more 2012 false alarms.”

How did ADS get so much improvement? They empowered Ron Buerger to “fix the problem. “ ADS created a list over 20 years ago, titling it the “horrible hundred,” which included homes and businesses with over 8 unnecessary alarms, and authorized Buerger to do whatever it took to fix the chronic abusers.

It’s a simple formula. But it took a commitment by Bonifas and ADS, and follow-through by Buerger to get the results. ADS is rightly proud of what it has accomplished. SIAC salutes ADS, and challenges others to follow this model. “We got ahead of the game and we are consistent,” Bonifas said of the success ADS has had reducing nuisance alarms.

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