Mobile Apps for Alarm Management

Up front, we’ll let you know this: There is no mobile app that we know of which tracks alarm management data. If there is, we’d like to hear about it from you.

If there was such an app, there are a lot of benefits it could provide the electronic security industry. We could track trends, for example, where successful ordinances have been implemented and what the key provisions are.

A mobile app could also chart alarm management statistics – what cities have registration requirements, two-call verification and CP-01 standards. All this information would help dealers do business in their local jurisdiction.

If there was such an application, we believe it would help in our campaign across North America to continue improving alarm management standards and enforcement. One of the ongoing walls we have to keep climbing over is a lack of information and understanding of key issues in local jurisdictions.

If nothing else, a mobile app would be tremendously beneficial in getting more information into the public arena. We’re willing to help. Get in touch with SIAC at, and we’ll share what we have with you. The convenience and speed with which members of our industry could access critical data would improve if we can make a mobile app happen.

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One Response to Mobile Apps for Alarm Management

  1. Cliff Dice says:

    If we can connect some data that can help within our apps for dealers and the alarm industry, as our app tracks and manages alarm data. We would be willing to provide collection of information and also provide access thru the app to your data. We have thousands using our apps, which can be viewed on Here is one article to one of the many alarm data management apps we have being deployed by a center within the industry.

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