Six Years of Proof in Pierce County, WA

Five years of proof in Pierce County, WA, have now become six. With information provided by the county to SIAC’s Ron Haner, we have one more year of proof that our model ordinance not only works, but also that it continues to added reductions in the number of unnecessary dispatches.

Through March of this year in unincorporated Pierce County, false burglar alarms are down over 90% when compared to the same time period in 2007. Last year that reduction was 88%, so we’ve gained another two percent in the positive column over the past year.

In the past, we’ve applauded the work of the county, Ron, the security industry in the state of Washington, and the local alarm administrator. It’s worth giving them another shout out because not only do they set an example for the rest of the country in terms of demonstrating positive results year after year, all the parties have also demonstrated the importance of cooperation and enforcement.

Working together, they’ve made this happen. Through enforcement, they continue to see improvements. We believe those two simple concepts mean a lot for other jurisdictions across North America.

Go to our Web site for more information on SIAC and for resources on how you can implement the model ordinance in your community: Ron Haner’s name and contact information is there, too. Thank him. Ask him a few questions. He’ll give you some insights on how to achieve end goals of significant alarm reductions in your jurisdiction.

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