Bring Those Dealers In

A little over a month ago, we made an end user presentation in California. There were over 100 MACE Monitoring dealers and vendors registered for the event. That’s a great turnout and one we’d like to replicate in other meetings across North America.

To spread the word to companies throughout the security industry, we need attendees at sessions where we teach proper alarm installation practices. The more that show up, the more we have people in the field helping the customers prevent inadvertent alarms down the road. Good alarm management practices help the security business and customers.

Beyond the education you receive at a SIAC session, you’ll also get information on the importance of joining your local association. Professionalism grows for companies that take the extra step to participate in their local and state alarm associations. We encourage you to explore the benefits our alarm associations provide.

Another issue we touch on during SIAC presentations at meetings with dealers and vendors is the importance of direct contact with law enforcement. That means knowing your police chief or sheriff. Many of the issues we face regarding alarm management in cities across North America tie directly to the police department, their policies and the ordinances they are charged with enforcing. Again, we all benefit through this strengthened relationship – security companies, customers and the local jurisdiction.

To have us run an end user (or any other alarm management issue) meeting for you, go to for more information.

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