Associations Create Online Recruitment Center

We’re heartened to see another major collaborative effort taking place in the electronic security industry. Jay Hauhn, who serves as SIA’s Chairman of the Board, has helped spearhead the effort. We believe bringing together SIA, CSAA and ESA on any security-related issue makes excellent sense because it leverages the knowledge each association has in its area of expertise.

In this case, the three associations worked together to create an online recruitment center. Several weeks ago, we wrote about the need to bring younger professionals in the electronic security industry. This online recruiting initiative dovetails with the need to prepare newcomers to infuse the security industry with new blood and new ideas. We all should support that.

The online recruitment center will be called the “Security Industry Recruiting Center,” at SIAC urges you to make use of its tools.

It will serve as a collective job board. That’s a big deal because job seekers will be able to post resumes, search for positions and apply for jobs at no charge. Employers can advertise job openings at lower rates than is charged on other recruiting sites.

As Hauhn observed, “Working together makes each of our organizations a stronger resource for the industry.” We’ve shown how collaboration between the three major security associations works successfully here at SIAC, and we couldn’t agree more with Jay that this effort holds huge promise for further positive benefits.

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