Using Technology To Reach Out And Save You Money

SIAC continues to reach out to the electronic security industry in new ways. Consider these recent unique presentations:

First there was a well attended Webinar sponsored by the CSAA on end user training. This was followed by a Skype presentation to the PBFAA on law enforcement outreach. Finally, as a result of the CSAA Webinar, we were invited to participate in a 2013 planning session for a company, virtually placing us in their board room.

These were three unique forums that reached three different industry audiences:

• The Webinar had over 50 people in attendance, and as is the case with this forum, there was no direct interaction between the presenter and the audience. People could submit questions via their computers that the presenter could then address either during the Webinar or during the Q&A session that followed.
• The Skype presentation was to a local chapter of a state association which due to the low population of the area would only have had a handful of people in attendance it the presentation was done in person. This audience is so small that it would not be cost effective to fly in a speaker, but Skype allowed SIAC to speak to this group as if we were in the room.
• Finally, Go to Meeting was used to bring us into the board room of a prominent and very successful company in the Northeast for a personal presentation designed to answer specific questions that would impact their future direction. Without realizing it beforehand, this forum provided an opportunity for the participants to ask questions that might not be asked in a more public presentation. This made the presentation a very personal experience.

The total cost to SIAC to reach out in these unique forums, ZERO. The savings to SIAC was $4,000. That’s a savings for all our contributors. We’re looking out for you, and also looking to use information technology to spread important messages

How can we use technology to further our message and would any of these technologies encourage you to be more participatory in industry presentations? Let us know. We’re looking to hear from you.


Executive Director of SIAC
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