As The Security Market Grows, So Does Our Role

Various projections by groups commissioned to research the electronic security industry, are forecasting our industry will continue to grow in the years ahead. Most recently, the U.S. market for security products was predicted to reach nearly $20 billion in 2016, according to a new report from the market research firm The Freedonia Group.
That’s a big jump. What does it mean for SIAC and the electronic security industry? It means our role continues to grow. With an expanding industry, more systems are installed. With more security systems in the market, it’s additionally important that they are installed, tested and monitored properly, and that the highest quality equipment is used.
A growing industry like ours has a responsibility to operate professionally. With continued growth, that responsibility likewise grows. We must continue to focus on reducing unnecessary alarm dispatches, yet exploit the technology advancements to the benefit of law enforcement, i.e., help them catch the bad guys!
SIAC is proud to contribute to a rising level of standards in installations, training and equipment in the electronic security industry. We embrace the additional need that comes with growth. We’re prepared to continue our high level of service to you, and as always, look forward to hearing how we can improve.
The growth numbers projected by Freedonia will only go higher as good alarm management practices contribute to the success of our industry.


Executive Director of SIAC
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