The Olympics And Excellence

We trust you’ve been watching at least some of the Olympics the past week or so. We have.

It might be a stretch to tie SIAC and the Olympics together. So be it. How do we link them? Two words: Excellence and training.

One of the things we speak repeatedly about when addressing audiences in the electronic security industry is the need to train their employees in high quality installation techniques. Training achieves excellence, as Gabby Douglas, Michael Phelps and many others have demonstrated so far in the 2012 Olympics. They repeat the right behavior, they refine their tactics, they look to continually improve.

We urge our followers to adopt this type of attitude. For the long-term health of the electronic security industry, how we implement better and better alarm management practices will depend on learning, practice, feedback and innovation. We train our employees continuously and expect excellence. .. train our employees continuously and expect excellence…

Our role goes beyond just getting our people highly trained and achieving their potential. We also want to get to the point where we can say our industry has achieved excellence in installations. It’s similar to what the Olympic athlete goes through. We need to continue updating what ensures the highest standards for installations, share that information throughout North America and urge all companies to practice these best practices.

Like the Olympic athlete, we’re getting better and better. More companies support us. Key associations spread our word to their members. We’ll keep training with the goal of achieving that continual excellence demonstrated in the Olympics.


Executive Director of SIAC
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