Big Data Is A Big Idea

You may have heard of the phrase “Big Data.” Or perhaps not. It’s getting some play in higher technology magazines like “Wired” and “Fast Company.”

Essentially, it means that with the ever-growing pile of information in the world, there’s more ability to solve problems by crunching massive amounts of data. It’s affecting the medical industry. It’s helping us come up with solutions to energy problems. And though you might not be aware of it, we’re applying the principle in the security industry.

How so? – by compiling better and better statistics on alarm responses and ordinances. As we do this, we learn from the past. We get better; we develop new solutions.

At SIAC, we’ve supported reports the past several years that demonstrate the importance of alarm systems and why citizens continue to desire a police response to alarms. That’s important information for our industry and a powerful service we offer electronic security companies.

We’ll continue to find big data, and crunch numbers for you. It’s part of our job to find and chart trends and help deliver solutions that benefit your company, community and your bottom line. We’ll keep looking for more big data in the years ahead. If you have ideas that you’d like us to pursue, contact us at


Executive Director of SIAC
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