Predictive Policing Shows Promising Results

Policing techniques, like businesses and technology, continue evolving. It’s easy to get stuck in a mentality that “things have always gone this way, so they’re going to continue to go this way.” That’s not anyone’s reality in 2012.

Police continually look at new ways to fight crime. We’ve seen community policing. We see cities that target hot spots and aggressively focus resources in those areas of high crime. The list goes on.

Recently, we’ve read about “predictive policing.” Some police departments have been crunching data to identify areas that thieves and burglars are targeting. The system is working to prevent crime, according to the Associated Press.

Like alarm systems, predictive policing is based on the concept of prevention: Stop the crime by placing more police in high risk areas. Security companies can help by ensuring systems in these areas are properly serviced. This increases public protection, reduces unnecessary alarms, and builds a bond with customers and citizens.

SIAC stays on top of these trends to help your security business. We support improved policing techniques, and believe they should be promoted when they deliver solutions. Predictive policing is certainly a good step, and an idea worth sharing with others.

It’s a fascinating concept, and one our industry should watch, particularly those of us working to improve alarm management practices. If there’s a way to predict more effectively where a crime will occur, then that pre-arms the police to be prepared for activity in certain areas. In turn, with heightened awareness, alarm companies can alert


Executive Director of SIAC
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