CSAA Votes One-Time Donation to SIAC Of $25,000

As we enter our open season for SIAC supporters to step up, we wanted to thank some early arrivers. In particular, the CSAA Executive Committee voted unanimously during ESX in Nashville, TN, to authorize a one-time donation to SIAC of $25,000. SIAC thanks them for this generous contribution.

CSAA and others recognize what our supporters have known for years: That we perform a necessary collaborative and informative role the individual electronic security companies can’t. Because we have access to additional tools, staff and information, we’re able to focus our full attention on alarm management issues, and work for a specific period of time until a problem is resolved.

This benefits our entire industry. Beyond CSAA, other companies that stepped to the plate to renew their contribution to SIAC or increase their donations at ESX were: Washington Alarm/Shannon Woodman; Corky McClellan/Loss Prevention in N.C.; and Ralph Sevinor/Wayne Alarm.

Contributions come in big and small amounts. We appreciate them all. We thrive because of the mixed nature of support – from big national security companies to small alarm companies that service local markets. We work for all of you. For more contributor information, please go to our Web site, http://www.siacinc.org.


Executive Director of SIAC
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