Doing Business The Right Way

There are right and wrong ways to do business. Not everyone would agree on how that applies to alarm companies, but there are some simple standards that we believe should be followed. They ensure you install, service and monitor security systems at the highest quality standard.

First, any company operating in the electronic security industry should be licensed in the states it operates. That ensures the company meets state law.

Secondly, employees must be trained regularly so that they are qualified to install, service and monitor systems. Classes are available through multiple venues, including ESA, CSAA, CANASA and most state associations.

Third, install the best equipment. Use control panels built to the ANSI SIA CP-01 standard. It’s been the best standard for years to minimize alarm dispatches, and every company should be buying and installing CP-01 panels. There’s no excuse not to.

Fourth, take the time to properly train users of the alarm system. This includes providing instruction manuals, short, simple written operating instructions that include how to cancel an alarm and potential dispatch. User error is still the #1 cause of unnecessary alarm dispatches.

Finally, make a company commitment to follow local permitting and alarm registration requirements. Too frequently, we hear of rogue dealers who flaunt the rules. They make us all look bad. Operating the right way means you are licensed and follow local rules. If you see or know of a company not doing it the right way, we recommend you report that company to local or state authorities.

Raising the bar for the electronic security industry requires self-policing and watching others to make sure our industry-wide reputation continues to thrive. It’s important that all electronic security companies operate the right way.


Executive Director of SIAC
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One Response to Doing Business The Right Way

  1. I absolutely could not agree more. In fact, all of the items mentioned exactly describe the Installation Quality Certification Program to a tee… Raising the bar by becoming IQ Certified not only aids the particular company with all of the items mentioned, but it also benefits the consumer, the community, and public safety. And, it is good for business. Go to to download a dealer application packet.

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