So much of what SIAC does and accomplishes in its quest to support the electronic security industry rests on our credibility. If people don’t believe us, we are toast. If they do believe us, trust in our facts and reputation, than we have a powerful opportunity to do some good things.

Jon Sargent, our excellent West Coast representative, is one of the people who contributes repeatedly to our credibility. Day after day, week after week, year after year, Jon meets with elected officials and law enforcement leadership in a forthright way to share information and find alarm management solutions.

His successes are too many to count. One thing he does relentlessly is share what we have accomplished in other jurisdictions so other cities have clear examples of what has worked elsewhere. The shows folks what we’ve done, how we’ve done it, and how our programs can be effectively implemented in other localities.

He frequently uses our “Law Enforcement Video on Alarm Management,” to demonstrate our successes. You can access it at, and it is a great example of how we share information and build credibility. The video demonstrates the support law enforcement gives us across the country, and how SIAC is available to help collaborate on proven solutions.

Sharing this type of information builds credibility. Officials nod their heads when they see the video. They ask questions. We want that. It’s how to build successful relationships. Trust and credibility are what it’s all about. Watch the video. Download it. Help us expand our credibility.


Executive Director of SIAC
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