Online Training Before Activation

With submissions just completed for the Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) award, it continues to be clear to us here at SIAC how important customer training is. Customers need to know how to operate their security system properly before it becomes operational. Cutting down user error is tremendously important in our ongoing battle to continue reducing unnecessary alarms.

PDQ submissions include a major section to detail what the company is doing on this “customer training” front. We’ve received excellent submissions over the years. We believe one activity holds a lot of merit for every company in the industry: Setting up an online training link for the customer before the alarm system is activated.

This may sound draconian. It is not. Instead, it is a common sense approach to not only make sure the customer understands the system and uses it effectively, but also creates a stronger bond with your customers.

By establishing a simple, straight-forward online test with 5-10 quick questions, companies can ensure that the core tools of the security system are understood by the consumer. This helps them run the system without accidently causing an alarm, lets them get used to the features, creating a stronger connection. We won’t say your customer is going to “bond” with his or her security system, but if they understand it better, along with all the features, they’ll be much more comfortable using it, and perhaps want additional services from you down the road.

Of course, SIAC also likes that this type of training will reduce those unwanted alarm activations. A well-trained customer is good for you, local law enforcement and beneficial to our industry. Give it some thought. You’ll benefit, along with your customers, and the local community, as those alarm signals decrease.

Do you have an online program? Let us know by responding to this blog. We’d like to hear about the critical questions you ask.


Executive Director of SIAC
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