Don’t Tweet When You’re On Vacation

Attention, attention everyone: Don’t Tweet when you are on vacation. That’s the SIAC tip of the week to protect your home.

“What’s the big deal?,” you might ask. If you are using Twitter to tell your friends and other followers of the spectacular filet mignon you just had on a Riviera River boat cruise, guess who else might find out? Burglars, that’s who. They know you’re overseas somewhere, enjoying the scenery and no one is home to watch the shop. Bingo, they’ve got an opportunity for a break-in.

A recent United Kingdom survey confirms this: Burglars do monitor Twitter. The survey of convicted burglars shows that they are adapting to use new technology. According to their findings, 78% of burglars believe social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Four Square are useful tools for thieves targeting specific properties. Another 74% reported that Google Street View was playing a role in home thefts.

Protect your home and be smart about your social media use when you are traveling, vacationing or away on business. It makes sense in helping to keep burglars away from your home and property. It will also reduce the potential for false alarm, and we’re all for that.


Executive Director of SIAC
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