What Is Your Company Doing To Reduce Calls For Dispatch?

A fundamental question electronic security companies should continually ask themselves is the following: “What are we doing to reduce calls for dispatch?” It makes business sense, and because it makes you more efficient operationally, you can use this to attract new customers.

These points are fundamental reasons companies enter the Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) award contest. Brink’s Home Security/Broadview (currently ADT Security Services), a two-time winner, along with Vector Security (Pittsburgh), Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. (Aurora, IL), Altronics (Lenexa, KS), and Custom Alarm (Rochester, MN), have all registered the benefits of winning the PDQ award

They reap good national publicity. Their story is heavily publicized, including a feature story in Security Sales and Integration (SSI) magazine. They are recognized at ESX, to be held this year in Nashville, TN. Why not join Custom Alarm, Vector, Alarm Detection Systems, Altronics and Brink’s/Broadview, and submit your application today?

Winning the award demonstrates you’re on top of your game, and your program is a great example for others. That’s a huge benefit to your company, and our industry. Check out the application form here: http://www.siacinc.org/PDQAwards.aspx. We’ve extended the deadline to March 30, so you still have over two weeks to pull together a quality submission.

SIAC is a sponsor, along with SSI, Honeywell, the Installation Quality (IQ) program and False Alarm Reduction Association. That’s good company to be associated with. Take the time today to check it out. It’s one more example of SIAC working for you.


Executive Director of SIAC
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